Ultrasonic smart water meters

Yzatec provides a complete line of new generation ultrasonic meters for raw water applications and agriculture irrigation.

SIGFOX connected smart meters

Full electronic flow measurement

Minimum pressure drop

Rugged and designed for irrigation

Y-DTM Sigfox Data Transmitter Module

The Y-DTM allows to easily interface any pulse output meter to integrate and manage it in a smart sensor Sigfox network.

  • 1 Pulse input
  • LCD display (index, maximum flow)
  • Temp 0-55°C
  • IP 68
  • Sigfox U0 certification level
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Y-RIG 65 Water Meter

The Y-RIG has been designed for irrigation applications. Its robust design allows to sustain outdoor highly demanding environments and agriculture typical usage conditions.

  • DN 65
  • Nominal flow rate: 63 m3/h
  • Max pressure: PN16
  • Pressure loss at Q3: 0,1 bar
  • Wireless: Sigfox network interface
  • No mechanical movement
  • Aluminium case
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Y-RIG 100 Water Meter

The Y-RIG 100 is designed for large flow management in agriculture and irrigation applications.

  • DN 100
  • Flange type mechanical interfaces
  • Nominal flow rate: 105 m3/h
  • Max pressure: 16 bars
  • Pressure loss: 0,1 bar at Q3
  • IP 68
  • Embedded Sigfox interface
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Y-RIG GEN 2 Water Meter

Yzatec has developed a new generation of its Y-RIG product line:

  • Nominal diameter: DN 50, 65, 80, 100, and 125
  • A new design
  • 4 transducers in the meter
  • Maximum admissible pressure: 16 bar
  • Precision Class 2
  • Bidirectional measurement
  • No mechanical mouvement
  • Wireless communication: Sigfox, NFC, Lora
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